During each session we have a snack available to the children.

The children are informed that the snack bar is open and, once they have washed their hands, the children are encouraged to eat their snack. The children are encouraged to participate in the preparing of food for their peers and sometimes get to make pizza or scones to eat for snack time. Five minutes prior to closing, a member of staff will approach all children that haven't eaten to ask them if they wanted their snack.

Every day we have a variety of fresh fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, raisins, plums, kiwi, peppers, cucumber etc) along with a range of savoury snack's including breadsticks, cheese and crackers, cheese twists, etc. To help with costs and to teach the children about sharing, we now ask if they can bring in a healthy snack to share but this is not necessary to every session.

We have water available throughout the session. The children have a choice of milk or water. Children can bring their own drink if they prefer, but we do ask that bottles are clearly labeled.

In addition to the above we also celebrate every child's birthday with birthday cakes, supplied by the preschool.