Use of Mobile Phones, Cameras and Social Networking Policy



Use of Cameras:


Photographs of the children are taken for the purpose of recording children participating in activities, achievements, observations, parties, birthdays or when we go on outings.

A Consent form is signed by Parents on the Child Registration Form, giving permission for the Preschool to take photographs of their child.

Only the Preschool Camera must be used to take any photographs of children, and the Photographs are stored appropriately and must be downloaded as soon as possible.

Any Photographs taken must be deemed suitable without putting any child in a compromising position which could cause stress or embarrassment to the child.

Cameras must not be taken into the toilet areas; the camera must be in a prominent position where it can be seen.

Un-less all parent has signed for their child to be photographed no photographs will be given permission e.g. Christmas play, sports day


Use of Mobile Phones:


Staff, visitors and volunteers can bring their mobile phones into the preschool but must be turned off and placed in the office, they must not use any recording or photo equipment on their mobile phones. They are not permitted to use the mobile phone for any personal calls or texts during working hours. Staff can be contacted on the preschool mobile number if necessary and in cases of an emergency (07921 579984).


The manager or Chairperson reserves the right to check the contents on a mobile phone if there is any cause for concern over its use. Staff should not use their personal phones, Email or social networking sites to contact parents on a professional or personal level.


Social Networking:


  • Employees do not have the right to absolute privacy when they post on a social-networking site. It does not matter where they connect from, if it’s on the social-networking site and is read this can be used as grounds to discipline an employee.

  • Employees using social-networking sites are to refrain from commenting on any aspect of the Pre-school, including the families attending and in any aspect of the Management of the setting.

  • This Policy extends to instances of harassment, discrimination and any other behaviour which is barred by law or company policy.

  • Employees are not to add parents or users of the setting as friends on social-networking sites. If they are already friends on the social networking site prior to the child attending the setting, then this should be deleted whilst the child is attending the setting.

  • Parents are not to be added as friends after the child leaves the setting for a period of 6 months

  • Social outing out of preschool hours with parents is not acceptable whilst the child is attending.

  • Employees should be friends on a social networking site with either the manager, Supervisors or the Chairperson to protect the Preschool and themselves from misuse.


The Pre-school has no desire to keep employees from enjoying social-networking sites. This policy is in place to protect the Pre-school and its employees, not to prevent people from using the web sites in usual harmless ways.


This policy was reviewed January 2017.


Signed on behalf of the Pre-school: Jennifer Clark, Chairperson


To be reviewed annually