Admissions & Settling in Policy


Admissions & Settling in Policy


Statement of Intent: It is our intention to make our preschool accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We are registered with Ofsted to provide up to 28 places at any one time and we accept children from the age of 2. We do not require children to be toilet trained on admission.

Aim: To ensure that Blundeston Preschool is accessible to all sections of the community, through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.

To promote smooth and stress-free transitions to the setting, ensuring both children and parents/carers are happy.

Accessibility: Blundeston Preschool aims to ensure its services are accessible to all sections of the community as per the Equal Opportunities Policy. The setting will attempt to communicate its services in locations throughout the community, in more than one language as appropriate.

The preschool exists to provide resources, facilities and expertise locally to meet the needs of people in the surrounding area.

The preschool advertises through the Childcare Information Service, the local school and places accessible to the community.

The preschool welcomes both fathers and mothers, other relations and carers, including childminders.

We describe our preschool and its practices in terms of how it treats individuals, regardless of their gender, special educational needs, disabilities, background, religion, ethnicity or competence in Spoken English.

Our admissions Co-ordinator takes responsibility for meeting with new families ensuring they have the correct literature regarding the Pre-school and collating information, including a waiting list.

Offering Places: Where services are over-subscribed, as is often the case with Blundeston Preschool the following priority for admissions has been agreed:

1. Birth Order 

2. On a first come first serve basis.

 Places will always be confirmed by a member of staff by telephone.

Settling in: Once a place has been offered each child is assigned an Early Years Practitioner as a key person. The Admissions Co-ordinator will take responsibility for contacting families and arranging appropriate settling in sessions. The first two of these sessions allows for parents to stay with their child in order to allow their child an informal introduction to the preschool and for parents and key persons to have time to communicate about specific needs and personalities. An ‘All About Me Book’ and ‘New Child Information Record’ is also completed in advance of attending Pre-school to ensure that staff are aware of all issues pertaining to the child.

Subsequent settling in sessions will be organised to meet the needs of the specific child, this process usually takes up to 2 weeks, but it is important that child, parent and preschool are happy before a child attends their full sessions. Key workers keep records of children’s progress during this period.

The settling process is viewed as an essential part of ensuring children have a positive time at preschool and we will be flexible in extending this period and offering families additional support if needed. 



Admissions co=Ordinator Diane Button

Read and agree this policy

This policy was reviewed September 2017. 

To be reviewed annually.


Signed on behalf of the Pre-school Management Committee,

Jennifer Clark, Chairperson