Partnership with Parents Policy

At Blundeston Pre-school Parental involvement is very important, we believe children benefit most from the education and care when parents and staff work together, giving a positive impact on a child’s learning and development.




To ensure that each child is supported fully within their development, through working cohesively with families to maximise outcomes for all children


This policy is underpinned by:


Children Act 1989 and 2004

Data Protection Act 1998

Every Child Matters Change for Children 2004

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Race Relations Act 1977

Race Relations Amendment Act 2000

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)




  • Parents are informed of how the setting is run in an information pack which is given to them before their child starts the Pre-school. This information also includes an overview of the EYFS and the ways in which Blundeston Pre-school encompasses this framework.

NB: See new child information pack


  • Our Confidentiality and Speaking up Policy details how Blundeston Pre-school ensures that the privacy of children and their families is respected at all times. Anybody working within the setting in either a paid or voluntary role signs a confidentiality agreement and any breaches of confidentiality result in the necessary action being taken.

      NB: See Confidentiality and Speaking Up Policy.


  • The Operational Plan is displayed within the entrance each day for families to access. In addition, a separate folder is available in the entrance to the hall which contains all the Policies and Procedures of the Pre-school. This folder is clearly labelled with a notice that informs parents that copies are available on request for them to take home


  • Parents are informed through half termly newsletters and displays within the entrance of the systems for registering any queries, views, concerns, suggestions or complaints. A copy of our complaints procedure is pinned to our notice board and the Ofsted poster including the complaints phone number is displayed at all times.


  • Following each AGM, a parental questionnaire is forwarded to all families as a means through which they can confidentially share their views and opinions regarding the quality of care available at Blundeston Pre-school. Answers to the questionnaire are collated by the chairperson and acted upon appropriately.


  • A suggestion box placed daily in the entrance to provide a further opportunity for parents to input ideas into the daily provision.


  • When the child starts the Pre-school, they will be allocated a Key person who will work closely with the family and observe their child’s development and record progress throughout their time at the Pre-school. The format used for these recordings is termed a ‘Learning Journey’. The Learning Journey is readily available for parents to have a look at to see how their child is progressing. We also encourage parents to add certain things like events, child’s interests or observations at home. The Learning Journey is available anytime to view upon request. Furthermore, the Key person will meet once per term with the parent during our designated ‘Learning Journey Week’ to discuss the content and purpose of their child’s ‘Learning Journey’. This also gives parents the opportunity to talk with the Key person and to raise any questions or concerns they may have. When the child leaves the Pre-school the ‘Learning Journey’ will then be forwarded onto the primary school or alternative child care provider. Children are also allocated a second Key person.


  • We also carry out a 2-Year-old progress check.


  • Parents are encouraged to be a parent helper, and a rota is placed in the entrance each day for the parents to sign up to. Working within a voluntary capacity within the setting provides an opportunity for families to become practically involved in assisting with general activities, along with giving an opportunity to see how their child interacts within the setting.


  • Parents are also encouraged to join the Pre-school Management Committee where they can play an active role in the management and strategic development of the setting, details can be obtained for the chairperson, committee members or staff


  • Regular newsletters are sent out to parents advising of particular events taking place and giving information regarding the Pre-school. A resource sheet is included once per term which provides families with ideas across the six areas of learning for ways in which they can support their child’s development

This policy was reviewed January 2017.

Signed on behalf of the committee, Jennifer Clark, Chairperson.


This policy will be reviewed annually unless legislation or guidance requires it to be reviewed before.