Key Person policy


The Key person must help ensure that every child's learning & care is tailored to meet their individual needs. The key person must seek to engage & support parents and/or carers in guiding their child's development at home.' (EYFS 2015)

At Blundeston Preschool we fully embrace the idea that a key person for each child helps that child to feel safe, secure & valued. At the start of your child's journey into preschool she/he will be assigned a key person. This key person can be changed if your child naturally gravitates towards another adult.

The key person will;

  1. Actively build positive relationships with clear lines of communication between the children & their family.
  2. Observe & plan for children's likes, interests & individual needs.
  3. The key person will meet the needs of each child and respond sensitively to their feelings, behaviour & ideas.
  4. Ensure that children's physical needs are met - Develop a secure & trusting relationship by learning key words in a child's first language or acknowledge their sounds & gestures.
  5. Keep update & share the child's progress folder with parents. Actively seek & value their written or verbal contribution.
  6. Support a child through transition periods when moving onto school.
  7. Develop trust to enable children's independence.
  8. Be a point of contact for the family if they have any concerns or complaints.
  9. A parent has the right to change their keyworker if they feel this would benefit the child’s development 

The key person will spend time with your child each week to come up with next steps in their development & feed these into weekly planning. They will collate these & other focus observations into their learning journal, which can be viewed at any time. 

The preschool provides many of occasions each year for you to speak both formally & informally to your child’s key person a formal parent consultation day in the spring, autumn and summer terms. You can view your child’s learning journal at any time with a signing in and out process. You can also make an appointment at any time to discuss any aspect of preschool life. Just speak to the manager and they will put something in the diary.

Siblings will always, where possible, be given the same key person as they get to know the family so well. The key person is based with your child but also with other members of staffs who also get to know your child well, so that staff holidays & staff sickness doesn’t distress your child, all staff will be a part of your child’s time throughout sessions at the preschool.

The key person is simply there to ensure your child is well cared for in a safe environment & is reaching their potential through observations & assessment.

Key person boards are in the preschool entrance for you to view.

This policy was reviewed January 2017

Signed on behalf of the preschool, Jennifer Clark, Chairperson of the committee

This policy is to be reviewed annually